What’s On Your…

Liquor Shelf: I don’t drink much anymore, so you’ll probably find a nice bottle of wine. Unopened.

Perennial To-Do List: Make prints of my paintings to sell, and cook my way through Mastering the Art of French Cooking

Netflix Queue: I don’t use Netflix, but I have a list of movies I am dying to watch. One is Piña – Directed by Wim Wenders. A dance documentary.

Ideal Dinner Party Guest List: Julia Child, Shakespeare, Jon Stewart 

Feet: Nada. It’s HOT here.

Shit List: Austin Public Transit. IT SUCKS. The worst thing about this city by far is the lack of GOOD public transit.

Coffee Table: A book about Amelia Earhart and a book about Jim Henson.

Playlist: Right now I am super into some of the music from Nashville (TV show), Loudon Wainwright, The Ramones, Oingo Boingo, Ike & Tina. I change my playlists to fit my moods.

Bucket List: Camp across America. Live in a tent. See the country. Walk the country.

Pinterest Board: I have a pretty amazing collection of actors, musicians, and famous folks. I like to find really interesting shots. I also love finding new cookie recipes. 

Workout Plan: I do yoga on my living room floor.

Favorite Book List: Anything by Murakami, John Irving or Joyce Carol Oates

Walls: Nothing. But that will soon be fixed. We have art by me, Mark Flood and some lovely framed pictures of my beloved Prague.

Twitter Feed: I don’t Twitter.

Go To Menu: Mexican! Or pancakes.

Nightstand: The Man Who Quit Money by Mark Sundeen

Future Itinerary: I’d love to go back to the Bay Area for a while, my soul misses the beach and the people. We are hopefully moving to a Buddhist center to volunteer for 6 months,

Fantasy itinerary: No Itinerary!


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